Friday, September 15, 2017

These slides are about a man that is a great artist and a author also a Illustrator.

He is a really quick drawer. BYE!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Hi kaunteya back making a new post about my score on prototec and about prototec. Prototec is kind of a test. It has a few of answers for you to answer. Once your done it will tell you how much you got wrong and right.

                      This is my score on prototec got two wrong.


  9/10 is my score for both of them.

There is also more levels for it. The levels are not 1 only 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8. To start it you wild have to right your age also your name. Hope you enjoy it. Bye.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Timber nook.

Hi our class has been making a recount about the whole school going to timber nook.

First we had to go on a bus.When we were in the bus I nearly fell asleep but I didn't.When we got to timber nook we got tolded to just to fun and make stuff. Me hunter,jesse,dani,tj, we were all building are hut but the problem was that other kids would come in our hut and steal stuff from us. Then it started going bad. Dylan was stealing the most so what he did to take all of our stuff is get heaps of other kids to take down our hut and take it for there self. So we moved huts to a good one. We wanted revenge so we got more than 30 people to take down there hut the same with them they had more than 30 people too. That was the time when it went too far we all went to there base and started to break down they 10 of them ran to our base to destroy but we had guards I was one of them guarding the front of our hut. I thought that I heard something coming my friend's started yelling...Retreat! There going to out base. I told camryn to get ready they budged in to our base but I kicked one of them down the hill only for safety he was about to hit me that's why the second person came from behind he tried to hit me as well but I dodge it. Brooklyn helped me. Lucky or I would of been toast. But this is only the beginning we got more people so did they it's kind of scary to get a whole heap people battling the other base. The war started everyone was in the middle of the hill that's were we battled people were falling down hills getting hurt and injured Dylan was pussing Jesse. Jesse was pussing him back tried to help Jesse but I got hurt I slipped down the hill. Then I had a good idea I saw this kid holding a bow I thought that was awesome so made my own with some arrows. I got up the hill I sneaked through the there hut and when Dylan came in I holded the bow to his face he had sheild he blocked the arrow he had a sword so I ran back to my base. Hunter faced Dylan and started to battle with him. 3 hours later..... The war was over. Bases were wrecked. Dylans base was wrecked to bit's ours was not really wrecked. And the best part was...We won! What was funny is one of there team mates join our team because she knew that her team was gonna lose! Yay! Anyway we were all happy and don't worry it was a kid's war not a killing war. We were going back to school at that time .We got on the bus. I was so tired. When we got to school I quickly grabbed my bag and ran to get a drink. I was going with my sister at the End. The End.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Zombie poem.

our hole class has been making a poem about anything you want it to be. you got to have other type of creatures that could turn into a zombie. The first two words you have in your poem they need to have antonyms.Some of it has to have onomatopoeia. My poem was about zombies and Mutants I also put other type of zombies like exploding zombies and circus zombies. We also have to make a screencastify so you can hear me when i'm talking to you about my poem. My screencastify is down below if you want to see it but that's all i'm gonna say ok!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Hey guys this is my writing we have been working on story based on a animation We started in a plane crash.We were lost in a jungle.Don’t even know where we were.My names jeff my friends name is bob and jeffrey. We are going on a plane.Wow is that fire on the wing.Oh no! We're going down!Do you need help jeffrey?What’s that? maybe we could get some help. help.By bob of jeff.“This it's scary”Wow this is cool”Ouuuu Yuck!Wow!cool!How did you do that you popped out of nowhere.Jeff yelled duck to jeffrey when he was trying to shoot the zombie.“How about we all touch this stone and go” “home alright then.”But what if it doesn’t work it will but if doesn’t we're stuck here forever.YAY! We got home by touching that magic stone I didn’t know that it was gonna work and it did.Let’s go inside.THE END

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Me and my group made these slides for you to learn about planes and how they fly and work.Check out all of the slides to get some information also listen to the video.

Monday, June 26, 2017

How fast is it.

Our hole class had to create a board game based on a book that we like.And we can play other peoples board games.Whats cool is how if they say that yours was a fun game of if it's long.These are my rules for my board game.My board game It's called how fast is it.It's below the my rules so you can see you can't see the hole thing sorry about that.):
It was kind of easy to make.I am gonna now tell you how the game works.So when you start the game if the first player rolls a six then he go six spaces but he misses a turn.If you get two sixes in a row you go back 3 spaces.If you land on a weird looking space then that means you pick up a card.If you get bullets as a card then that means if you land on someone you can shoot them and make them go back to the to the start.If you get a card that says extra life that means if you have to go back to the start you don't have to.If you get a card that says roll again you roll again.If you get a card that says 1 nuke you go back to the start anything that does something to do with death you go back to the start.If you get a card that says full speed that means go 5 spaces.Thats all of the cards I have.I hope you end up playing with me also thank you for reading and don't cheat play fair and ill see you next time.Bye.